Centurion was created to build and scale successful software companies and solve some of the issues we experienced ourselves as serial entrepreneurs.

We provide enterprise-level application development, high-touch consulting, world-class creative, and turn-key venture development.

Find out how we Venture Forth Boldly and how you can too.

Application Development

We have real-world experience in over 20 languages. We can build, fix, or support almost anything.


We thrive on helping companies solve complex problems, and we Venture Forth Boldly to fix crucial issues today.


We can assist you with everything from website development to user experience. We can even work with you to build a brand.

Venture Development

One of our specialties is building/fixing ventures quickly, and we work hand in hand to make this happen.

Start connecting with your customers at scale


Whether you are building a small company, a new product, or an entire product portfolio as an international company with offices worldwide, scaling is a significant portion of your equation for success.

Everything we build is ready to scale out of the box, and we apply over 20+ years of combined enterprise experience to develop your systems for scale and security from day one by implementing best practices and tried and true technologies.

When other software companies are not able to tackle tough scaling challenges, we get brought in to work with them to accomplish the unaccomplishable.

Get everything you need with just one company


Centurion was designed to provide you with everything you need because we developed it originally for our own needs as serial technology entrepreneurs.

After building several multi-million dollar companies from the ground up, we then set out to create our business engine for you. We designed Centurion to be the business partner that you need that does more than build incredible software. We go to battle for you and fight alongside you.

We become partners with other entrepreneurs, companies, and organizations, we become a part of their team, share in their success, and feel the weight of their failures. We stand together and rise to face every challenge.

Mobile Development

Enterprise Readiness

Support & Maintenance

Roadmaps & Consulting

Security & Testing


Branding & Identity

Business Analytics

Enterprise-level services for companies of any size

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